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The Owner or their Agent or Representative hereinafter called "The Owner agrees to hire the houseboat described to the Hirer for the period stated upon the following conditions:

1 . The Owner/Manager will hold the security bond upon trust for the Hirer and will repay the same to the Hirer within 7 business days subject to deductions for amounts payable by the Hirer pursuant to this Agreement including  
(a) additional fees for late return to mooring at end of hire period if applicable;
(b) the cost of additional cleaning (if required);
(c) the cost of repair or replacement of items damaged or lost during the  period of hire;
(d) All fuels oils and sewerage pumps out costs;
(e) any other amounts for which the Hirer is liable which amounts are not limited to the amount of the security bond including damages to other persons' property.

2. The owner will provide instruction to the Hires/Operator in respect of  
     (a) the operation of the houseboat and its accessories including emergency equipment;
     (b) the River Murray and Inland Waters Navigation Regulations;                    
(c) other relevant navigation rules, regulations or by-laws.  

3.  (a) The Hirer personally accepts full responsibility for the care and safety of the 
          houseboat including all  fixtures, fittings and accessories and also accepts full  
          responsibility for the actions of all persons  permitted on board during the period 
          of hire and in particular the Hirer will comply with all directions given by, the Owner 
          with regard to the operation of the houseboat and its accessories and will comply 
          with the River Murray and Inland Waters Navigation Regulations and all other
          navigation rules, regulations or by-laws.

(b) The Hirer is liable for the cost of the repair of any damage sustained to the  
          houseboat, its fixtures, fittings or accessories during the period of hire. Any damage 
          must be reported to the Owner as  soon as possible, Damaged items may be 
          repaired or replaced at the option of the Owner.
    (c) Any items noted to be damaged prior to the beginning of the hire period should be 
          brought to the attention of the Owner at the time of the pre-hire inspection
(d) The Hirer is liable for the replacement cost of any items missing from the Houseboat  
at the end of the hire period.
    (e) If the houseboat is not  returned to the mooring at the end of the hire period at the 
         time and on the date stated the Hirer maybe  liable for an additional fee at the 
         Owners  discretion.
    (f) The Hirer will pay the cost of all fuels used from the beginning of the hire period until 
         the houseboat  is returned to the Owner.
    (g) The Hirer is liable for any loss, damage or injury to any person or to any property 
          which may result from anything done by the Hirer or by any person on board the 
   (h) The amount payable by the Hirer pursuant to the provisions of this clause is not 
          limited by the amount of security bond. The Owner may retain the security bond
          until the amount for which the  Hirer is  liable  has been determined.

4. The Hirer shall not

    (a) permit more persons to be on board the houseboat than the stated  number 
         allowed  by The Department Of Transport certificate of survey for the vessel.
    (b) permit any person to operate the houseboat who
          (i) is under the age of eighteen years;
          (ii) does not possess and produce for notation by the Owner a current full vehicle
               drivers licence or boat operators licence;
         (iii) is under the influence of alcohol or any drug or drugs;
         (iv) has not been given instructions in respect of relevant navigation rules and 
    (c) drive, navigate, sail or move the houseboat after sunset or before sunrise or permit
         anyone else to do so
     (d) take or permit to be taken the houseboat down river from Wellington Punt/ferry;
     (e) take or permit to be taken the houseboat out of the main course of the river including
    (f) tow or permit an occupied craft to be towed;
     (g) adjust or interfere with or permit any other person to adjust or interfere with the 
         operation of the motor, gas regulators or any fixtures or fittings;
    (h) do or cause or permit to be done anything on or to the houseboat or any of its 
         fixtures, fittings or accessories which may  result in loss, damage or injury to any
         person or property;  
    (i) permit any person for any reason whatsoever to be on the roof section of the 
        upper deck
    (j) permit to be brought on the houseboat any of the following, namely  
         (i) a trail or motor bike,  
         (ii) firearms or offensive weapons of any type,  
         (iii) axes or saws of any type,  
         (iv) any electrical or gas appliances or any pets, animals, reptiles or birds unless 
                with the  permission of the Owner
         (v) Any dangerous, noxious, corrosive, toxic or poisonous substances including in 
               particular  petrol or diesel fuel or other  inflammable liquids,  
    (k) use or permit to be used the emergency equipment except in case of emergency 
          and any such  use shall be reported to the Owner as soon as possible via the two 
          way radio or nearest telephone.  

(5)     If the Hirer shall breach any of the terms or conditions of this agreement the Owner   
       may terminate the hire period without prejudice to the Owner's other rights and 
       remedies under this agreement.

(6)     The Owner will endeavour to have the houseboat motor and all fixtures, fittings and    
       accessories in good working order provided that the Hirer shall not be entitled to any 
       compensation in respect of any loss or damage sustained as a result of unforeseen 
       mechanical breakdown of equipment failure or any loss of time resulting from such 
       breakdowns or failures during the hire period or as a result of any restriction to the use 
       of the houseboat during the hire period resulting from river or weather conditions, or  
       any other unforeseen circumstances.

(7)    If due to unforeseen circumstances the houseboat is not available at the nominated 
       mooring point at the beginning of the hire  period and/or cannot be returned to the 
       nominated mooring point at the end of the hire period the Owner reserves the right to 
       nominated an alternative mooring point.